How to Join

We are trying to make it simple to join us. All we ask is that you

1. sign the pledge
2. drop us a line in which you give us your school’s name, address and phone number, and a contact person.

The Pledge:

Please print out this pdf

400 member pledge

Alternatively, you can find the file here:

We ask that teachers and students actually sign the paper, and that you keep the pledge at your school. Let us know when you have done that (we trust you when you say that your members have all signed) and we will send you a simple (fairly primitive!) certificate attesting to your membership.

We are requesting that you do your best to find a teacher at your school who can sponsor you. In the future we do plan to have events, conferences, etc, and having an adult just makes things easier. However, if you can’t find a teacher (for shame, adults!) we will accept a student-only branch school.

Contact Information

Along with your basic information, it would be wonderful if you would tell us a little about your school and why you have decided to join us. And don’t forget the part of the pledge exhorting you to pass on what you have learned about climate change to other people, especially other schools. Finally, don’t hesitate to give us your ideas as to what you feel are the next steps for us to take. The 400 will rise or fall on the willingness of its member schools to become truly active members of the global environmental movement.

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