About the 400

Welcome to The 400. We are a student-run organization based in St. Agnes Girls’ School in Kyoto, Japan, dedicated to doing something about climate change. The name comes from the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere: recently it surpassed 400 parts per million. We have taken this symbolic milestone as a signal from Mother Earth that something must be done, and done quickly. Our goal is to form a network of 400 schools…primary, secondary, tertiary….that will work together to fight the catastrophe that, if current theories hold, is going to affect every person now living, as well as every generation to come.

This is our mission, and the pledge all members sign:

1. Learn as much as I can about climate change.

2. Teach and inform others of what I have learned.

3. Take positive action to counter climate change.

4. Contribute however I can to the sustainable use of the earth’s resources.

5. Cooperate with other members or groups working against climate change.

6. Never give up.

Any school (faculty member or student) interested in joining us should contact us at


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